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万博娱乐网站官方 20句美剧骂人英语,很实用

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follow my nose. 凭直觉做某事。come seat here. 来这边坐。dinner is on me. 晚饭我请。怎么回事,怎么搞的。don't mention it. 没关系,别客气。have a good of it.玩的很高兴。don't let me down. 别让我失望。can i have this. 可以给我这个吗?it doesn't take much of

万博娱乐网站官方 20句美剧骂人英语,很实用

万博娱乐网站官方,you want a bet?你想打赌吗?

what if i go for you?我替你去怎么样?

who wants?谁稀罕?

follow my nose. 凭直觉做某事。

cheap skate! 小气鬼!

come seat here. 来这边坐。dinner is on me. 晚饭我请。

you ask for it! 活该!

you don't say! 真想不到!

get out of here! 滚出去!

how come… 怎么回事,怎么搞的。

don't mention it. 没关系,别客气。

it is not a big deal! 没什么了不起!

thousand times no! 绝对办不到!

who knows! 天晓得!

have a good of it.玩的很高兴。

don't let me down. 别让我失望。

it is urgent. 有急事。

can i have this. 可以给我这个吗?

it doesn't take much of you time. 这不花你好多时间。

drop it! 停止!

bottle it! 閉嘴!